Website Development, Managing & Marketing!

A website is developed for serving the potential customer with information, service, and products. Website development wide opens the opportunity for growth of the co-operation. Well developed, managed and marketed websites can be ground for growth and prosperity. There are five stages of website development. Those are analysis, design, implementation, maintenance, and planning.
Website Development, Managing & Marketing! The website has CSS as it's frame structure, HTML as it's flesh, functions as it's organs, and Database as it's brain. A custom CMS (Content Management System) is built ground up from database architecture and then functions, then backend and front-end. The open source CMS provides greater flexibility for building websites. The most familiar CMS to me are Wordpress, Joomla, Bigcommerce, Drupal, Magento, etc... There must be great vision before developing a website. Market analysis through niche assessment, insights, keyword research, google survey, and competition overview must be done before starting building a website. Many small and big businesses are finding success and growing to be nationwide brand than localized business through e-commerce and website services. The convenience of e-commerce had created an irreversible trend for merchandising in a global scale. It has been all made possible through e-commerce CMS, SEO, and online as well as offline marketing. Websites must be search engine optimize, to be in right order for the search engine to crawl correctly to bring organic traffic from search engine. Without a considerable amount of traffic, websites are worthless, especially for a business website. Online and offline marketing are the best way to bring traffic to the website. SEM ( Search Engine Marketing ), SMO ( Social Media Optimization ), SMM ( Social Media Marketing ), quality link building, email list building, remarketing, email marketing, and old fashion radio and tv advertisement are some of the proven ways to lure the quality visitors to your website. Utilization of every possible quality web traffic tactics with constant A/B/C testing makes the service or e-commerce website go for the most conversion.

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